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Sunbelt Stud Welding

KAH 412 - Automatic Stud Welding Head

Automatic Stud Welding Head - KAH 412

Description / Features


  • Especially suitable for thin metal sheets from 0.5 mm.


  • Zero-play ball linear bearing for guiding the welding piston, to ensure maximum precision and reproducibility for welds
  • Sealed welding piston guidance
  • Integrated lift and spring-loaded adjustment
  • Digital display (1/100 mm) for the position of the welding piston using integrated measuring system
  • Direct reading for the adjusted plunge and lift dimension
  • Pushbutton detent system to facilitate changing the feeding tube
  • Electronically controlled


  • Lock-in spring adjustment
  • Lock-in lift adjustment
  • High level of security to prevent the selected settings beeing changed inadvertently
  • Guidance system protected against spatters


  • Individual adjustment options for optimum welding results
  • Welding on painted sheets possible (clean, smooth and flat surfaces and grounding required)
  • Manual or fully automatic stud feed possible (welding element is automatically pushed through the feed tube in the chuck)


Welding rangeM3 to M8, dia. 3 to 8 mm; #4 to 5/16", dia. #4 to 5/16"
(dia. 10 to 12.7 mm; dia. 3/8" to 1/2" with modification only)
Stud length8 to 40 mm; 0.31" to 1.57" - (other lengths on request)
Stud typeWelding elements with flange according to current standards (other studs on request)
Spring pressureArresting
IP CodeIP 20
Workplace noise level> 90 dB (A) may occur during welding
Dimension LxWxH375 x 66 x 145 mm, 14.76" x 2.60" x 5.71" with chuck and quick change system
Weight3.4 kg; 7.50 lbs
Order No.94-31-412C
Equipped for one standard stud dimension according to customer request


Arc Stud Welder - Arc-800
M3 to M12 - #4 to 1/2"
Robust transformer for workshops and construction sites (IP 23).
Automation (optional).
Inverter Arc Stud Welder - IT 1002 AT
IT 1002 AT
M3 to M16 - #4 to 5/8"
All-rounder for automation.
Precise welding results through advanced inverter technology.
Inverter Arc Stud Welder - IT 90 AT
IT 90 AT
M3 to M24 - #4 to 1"
4 outputs (optional), process monitoring and shielding gas.
For critical surfaces (e.g. galvanised).
Inverter Arc Stud Welder - CPW-Series
M3 to M8 (Dia. 10/12/12,7 mm only possible with modification)
Entry-level CNC stud welding machine with 1 welding head.
High speed with highest positioning accuracy by robust machine base frame.
Working with different work piece heights on a working range of 600 x 420 x 120 mm.
Inverter Arc Stud Welder - MPW-Series
M3 to M8 (Dia. 10/12/12.7 mm only possible with modification)
High performance CNC stud welding machine (with up to 4 welding heads).
Highest speed possible with high positioning accuracy through rugged design.
Very short set-up time (a.e. automatic calibration of Z-axes).
Network connection.