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Sunbelt Stud Welding

Tapped Cable Hanger: Slotted

(Note: The Slotted Hanger has been superseded by the Sunbelt Multi-Option Hanger)

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Slotted Tapped Cable Hanger
Slotted Tapped Cable Hanger

Special Features of the Slotted Tapped Cable Hanger

  • Easily installs onto 3/8" or M10 diameter weld stud
  • Mount cables with ty-rap or banding strap
  • Cables individually supported
  • Accommodates different size diameter cables without bunching
  • Add or remove cables without disturbing existing cables
  • Neat appearance
  • Less inventory
  • In-stock item
SBS-0021 1/4"SS-31612"
SBS-0031 7/8"SS-31623"
SBS-0042 1/2"SS-31634"
SBS-0063 3/4"SS-31656"
NOTE: "A" Dimension by inches; Other alloys available upon request.

Fastening a Tapped Cable Hanger is Easy

  1. Weld a standard 3/8" or M10 diameter weld stud
  2. Spin desired cable hanger onto the weld stud
  3. Attach cables either by:
    • Crimping hanger
    • Banding to hanger

Crimp, Plate and Tubular Cable Hangers are available in 316SS.

Note: All cable hangers are tapped 3/8-16" or M10.

Tapped Cable Hanger
Tapped Cable Hanger with wire bundles