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Sunbelt Stud Welding

Slotted Cable Hanger Application

Welded on a Beam

A 3/8 diameter 3l6 SS weld stud, welded in the web and on the flanged edge of the beam. SMO-002 multi option hanger (316SS) or SBS-002 slotted cable hangers (316SS) are threaded onto the weld studs.

This hanger has one slot and can accommodate two cables, which are secured to the cable hanger using banding. This application is versatile because the weld stud can be stud welded on narrow areas and on thin base material allowing the most efficient routing of electrical cable.

Hanger Attached to Flanged Edge of a Beam

Easily attaches to overhead or vertical surfaces

A 3/8 diameter 316 SS weld stud is welded to the structure. As shown in the photo, cable support systems can be easily attached to overhead or vertical surfaces.

The studs were welded following procedures specified in American Welding Society's "Recommended Practices for Stud Welding". This results in a full penetration weld that develops the full strength of the fastener. The weld is as strong as the fastener and the parent metal. Also, you don't reduce the strength of the parent material because there are no holes.

A SMO-002 multi option hanger (316SS) or SBS-002 slotted cable hanger is threaded on the stud. The electrical cable is secured to the hanger by use of a banding strap. This system routes the cable in a safe, secure, out of the way position underneath the traffic area.

Hanger Attached to Overhead Surface

Welded on the perimeter of a Cellar Deck

A 3/8 diameter 316 SS weld stud, welded around the perimeter of the cellar deck. SMO-004 multi option hangers (316SS) or SBS-004 slotted cable hangers are threaded onto the weld studs.

This cable hanger has 3 slots and allows up to 4 cables of different diameters to be secured without bunching. Slotted cable hangers are available that can accommodate up to 8 cables.

This method of securing electrical cable has withstood the test of time, maintaining its integrity through vibration, corrosion, and incidental impact for the life of the rig.

Hanger Attached on Cellar Deck

Securing Electrical Cables

This is a 3/8 diameter 316 SS weld stud, welded inside the web of the beam. A SMO-004 multi option hanger (316SS) or SBS-004 SS cable hanger is threaded onto the stud and the electrical cable is secured using 316 SS banding.

The result is a neat and easily maintained system. Cable can be added or removed without disturbing existing cables. Different size diameter cables can be attached because each cable is under dually supported.

Useful for securing cable in the harshest environments, platform decks, control rooms, switchgear buildings, heldecks and generation modules.

Securing Electrial Cables