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Sunbelt Stud Welding

How to Apply Spindle, Prong and Nylon Insul-Anchors

Apply Insulation Anchor- Wipe Surface Clean
Step 1. Wipe Surface Clean
Anchor must be applied to a clean, dry and non-porous surface.
Apply Insulation Anchor - Apply Adhesive to Anchor
Step 2. Apply Adhesive to Anchor
Spread a daub of General Purpose Adhesive IHA-170 onto the perforated base with putty knife.
Apply Insulation Anchor - Stick Anchor In Place
Step 3. Stick Anchor In Place
Press anchor into position with twisting motion to spread adhesive evenly. (Adhesive should protrude through perforations and beyond base edges.) Allow adhesive to dry thoroughly before hanging insulation: 24-48 hours.
Apply Insulation Anchor - Hang Insulation
Step 4. Hang Insulation
Apply Insulation Anchor - Secure with Washer
Step 5. Secure with Washer
Secure insulation in place with a self-locking washer. (Bend over or clip off the spindle.)

General information on Insulation Anchors

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