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Sunbelt Stud Welding

Common Applications for Stud Welding using Weld Stud Fasteners

Electronics / Aerospace

Capacitor Discharge stud welding is ideal for a wide range of electronic and aerospace applications. With CD weld studs, you can weld to a variety of metals-including mild steel, stainless steel, aluminum, and exotics like titanium to metal as thin as 1/32 of an inch with no reverse side markings. Computers, stereos, typewriters, copy machines, control panels and more all lend themselves well to the speed and efficiency of CD stud welding.

Cookware / Appliances

Capacitor Discharge (CD) weld studs make durable handle mounts for aluminum cookware. By using additional welding heads, our system offers the timesaving benefit of attaching multiple studs simultaneously. The process eliminates tapping and drilling and prevents cosmetic imperfections while producing a reliable weld. Toasters, microwave ovens, blenders, sewing machines, and refrigerators are just a few of the other types of appliance applications where stud welding is found.

Signs and Decorative Trim

Signs, name plates, automotive trim, plaques, door handles, and dozens of other decorative applications demand fasteners that will not appear on the face surface nor distort it in any manner. The stud welding process eliminates distortions, dimples and burns on most metal surfaces. Even if the finish is enameled, coated, plated or polished, it will look just as good after a CD weld as it did before. Aesthetic appeal is preserved, so there is never a need for refinishing.


Sunbelt Stud Welding designs, manufacturers and stocks virtually all stud-welded anchors for the construction industry. Our headed concrete anchors provide known tensile and shear strength and can be applied in both the shop and the field. Our shear connectors reduce time and material cost when used in composite construction applications. And deformed concrete anchors are in use throughout the country because they don't distort angles or plates when used in pre-stressed and pre-cast, concrete construction.

Insulation Products

Sunbelt Stud Welding provides a wide range of products designed to simplify the permanent attachment of insulation to just about any kind of construction surface.

Our weld and cup head pins, nylon insul-anchors, spindles, self-stick anchors and lacing anchors are just a few of the insulation fasteners we design for the special needs of this industry.

Office Furniture

Metal furniture for offices, hospitals, schools and other institutions often call for a surface that is clear and clean with no exposed fastener heads. That calls for stud welding and reverse side access, using minimal heat and depth of weld penetration. All the work can be done from one side by one person. Bolt heads are eliminated. The stud weld is permanent and strong, as strong as the stud and base metal themselves. And the Sunbelt Fastening Stud Welding Systems can be set up to be CNC controlled for maximum production volume and efficiency.

Light and Heavy Duty Equipment

Simpler designs, reduced costs, speedier production, these are some of the bonuses of using Arc Weld Studs or CD Weld Studs in the manufacturing of light and heavy duty equipment. Stud welding eliminates time-consuming steps such as drilling, tapping and through bolting, while providing the advantage of one-sided fastening. Lawn mowers, snow blowers, tractors and various power tools are several products that have unlimited stud welding applications.

Utilities, Metalworking and Petrochemical

Over the years, Sunbelt Stud Welding has been a leader in hand-welded and stud-welded anchoring systems for the refractory industry. If you want to secure blanket, cast able, or gunited refractory material and you want to keep costs down, than you need one of our many refractory anchors. Because the basic function of any refractory anchoring system is to secure the refractory, Sunbelt Fastening Systems anchors are constructed to hold up under the most adverse conditions.

Material Handling Equipment

Drilling and tapping are just two of the costly processes you can abandon when you use weld studs to build or repair various types of material handling equipment. In addition, stud-welding fasteners provide rugged, vibration resistant fastening for conveyor systems that virtually eliminates the wear problems associated with other fastening methods.

Transportation and Shipbuilding

Airplanes, nuclear submarines, automobiles and cruise liners can all take advantage of the stud welding process. We have designed the right system to handle the exacting needs of this market segment. Our Micromark unit is a microprocessor controlled stud welder that automatically monitors and controls the quality of every weld. This system is particularly useful where weld reliability and repeatability are critical.

Forging Process

There is no need to spend time designing tong holds for billets of metal when preparing materials for the forging process. Welded studs can be quickly applied in any position to any billet. In addition to saving time and reducing material handling costs, stud welding is convenient: our non-threaded studs become part of the flashing and are trimmed away from forging.

Home Furnishings

Lamps and chandeliers can be crafted without any weld markings or fasteners that take away from the beauty of the piece. Sunbelt Stud Welding makes a complete line of production stud welding equipment with flexible design features to match your particular requirements and needs. Patio furniture, brass beds, end tables and wall units are other furnishing that take advantage of stud welding.

Sporting Goods

Not all forms of sports equipment require or could utilize welded fasteners. But for the equipment that stud welding is applicable, the weld must be strong and inconspicuous. Golf clubs, skiing equipment, components of sail and motorboats and canoes, all can be assembled faster and stronger with the aid of production stud welding equipment.


Whether it's a concerned parent doing the buying, a consumer agency inspecting the quality or the ultimate user (a child) testing out its durability; toys must not only be attractive but must meet rigid safety requirements. Our line of production equipment is the most efficient and precise way to fasten such products as bicycles, wagons, trucks, outdoor swings and a host of other toy products.

Weld Stud Fasteners installed with Stud Welding Gun