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Sunbelt Stud Welding

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Sunbelt Stud Welding

Sunbelt Tubing Spacer (STS)


Sunbelt Stud Welding has partnered with Deepwater Corrosion Services, Inc. in the manufacturing of a specially configured non-corrosive, UV resistant and rigid thermoplastic (I-Rod) for the Sunbelt Tubing Spacer (STS).

Specially designed notches allow separation between and air flow under the metal tubing, thus ensuring no moisture is collected eliminating possible corrosion or puncture damage caused by shock or vibration.

Sunbelt Tubing Spacer (STS) I-Rod - Technical Specifications.

These notches also ensure any tubing diameter securely stays in place without any metal surface touching the pneumatic tubing.

The Sunbelt Multi-Option Hanger (SMO) and Sunbelt Tubing Spacer (STS) can be combined for custom situations depending on your particular needs and application.

Please contact us for technical assistance.

Sunbelt Tubing Spacer (STS)

Sunbelt Tubing Spacer (STS) I-Rod

Sunbelt Tubing Spacer (STS) Applications

Tubing Spacer with Tubing Support

Sunbelt Multi-Option Hanger (SMO-004)
with Tubing Support (STS-004)

Sunbelt Tubing Spacer MOD

Sunbelt Tubing Spacer (STS-004) MOD

Sunbelt Tubing Spacer with Aluminum Ladder Tray

Sunbelt Tubing Spacer (STS-012) with 12" Aluminum Ladder Tray

Sunbelt Multi Option Hanger with Sunbelt Tubing Spacer

Sunbelt Multi-Option Hanger (SMO-006) / (SMO-TS-006) and Sunbelt Tubing Spacer (STS-006)

I-Rod Tubing Spacer Material Specifications

Drawing of I-Rod supporting metal tubing I-Rod™ Tubing Spacer shown in blue

Property Value ASTM Test Metric Imperial
Density, 73°F (23° C) D792 1.41 g/cm 0.0509lb/in3
Tensile Strength, 73°F (23° C) D638 64.8 MPa 9,400 psi
Tensile Modulus of Elasticity, 73° F (23° C) D638 2.62 GPa 380 ksi
Elongation (at break), 73°F (23°C) D638 30-60% 30-60%
Flexural Modules of Elasticity, 73°F (23°C) D790 2.76 GPa 400 ksi
Flexural Strength, 73°F (23°C) D790 82.7 MPa 13 ksi
Compressive Strength, 10% def, 73°F (23°C) D695 103 MPa 15 ksi
Coefficient of Friction (dry vs. steel) N/A QTM 55007 .25 0.25
IZOD Impact (notched), 73°F (23°C) D256 .534 J/cm 1 ft-lb/in notch
Hardness, Rockwell, 73°F (23°C) M/R D785 88/120 88/120
Maximum Service Temperature (Long Term) 83°C 181°F
Deformation Under Load D621 1.0% 1.0%
Melting Point D3418 168°C 329°F
Coefficient of Linear Expansion E831 97.2 um/m/°C 54uin/in/°F
Heat Deflection Temperature, 265 psi D648 220°F 220°F
Flammability Rating VL94 HB HB
Dielectric Strength, Short Term D149 420 V/mil 420 V/mil