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Sunbelt Stud Welding

Methods of Supporting Cables with Inverted "T" Type Hangers and Trapeze Type Hangers

Methods of Supporting Cables with Inverted "T" and Trapeze Hangers
  • All hanger components are available in high weldable grade steel, stainless steel and aluminum, with finish to customer's specification.
  • All hangers can be supplied pre-assembled to the customer's exact loading and stacking requirements or unassembled.
  • All hanger components can be assembled in one (1) to five (5) tier configurations ("T" or "Trapeze") utilizing standard 3/8-16 hardware (hex bolt, nut & lockwasher), allowing increments of adjustment between the cross-tiers on one (1") inch over the full length of the channel or angle leg support.
  • The cross-tier is completely interchangeable and can be used for either the "T" or "Trapeze" style assembly.