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Sunbelt Stud Welding

Insulation Anchors: Nylon

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Nylon insulation Anchor - Side View
Nylon Insulation Anchor
Side View
Nylon insulation Anchor - Top View
Nylon Insulation Anchor
Top View


  • Can be used for insulation up to 2" thick
  • Has a base area 14% larger than similar nylon anchors with a round base
  • Has 21% more perforated area for glue extrusion than similar nylon anchors
  • These perforations have a beveled lock-tight design (See illustration below)
  • Uses 30% less adhesive than metal insul-anchors with a 2" x 2" square base
  • Will not conduct heat or cold
  • Lighter in weight than metal anchors for ease of handling
MATERIALThis is a one-piece insulation anchor of molded nylon
WASHERSThe self locking washer for use with this insulation anchor is the WCN K120 BY 5/32-NY part no. 031-0804-13. These washers are packed with anchors.