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Sunbelt Stud Welding

Cup Head Pins: Overview

Cup Head Pins simplify the permanent installation of duct liner or similar insulation to ducting and other HVAC sheet metals and housings. They can be applied quickly and easily using standard inductive CD stud welding equipment or resistance welding equipment.

Cup Head Pins are available in several different styles for portable inductive CD stud welders, which allow on-site insulating of ducting and other HVAC enclosures.

There is also a style available for automatic resistance welders and pinspotters for the prefabrication of insulated ducting, panels or housings.

Cup Head Pins for installation of HVAC sheet metals and housingsCup Head Pins

Sunbelt Cup Head Pins are normally available in the following:

  • Pin - Mild Steel, Zinc Plated - Standard,
    Copper Plating - on demand (Non-standard)
  • Washer - Mild Steel - Galvanized
  • CS Washer – 1 3/16" diameter
  • CL Washer – 1 1/2" diameter
  • Pin - 12 GA and 14 GA are standard
  • 1/8" increments from 3/8" to 2 1/8" are standard
  • 1/2" increments from 2 1/2" to 6" are standard

Sunbelt Cup Head Pins can also be purchased with Paper Insulating Washers attached - to avoid damaging arcing when welding through foil faced insulation.


Insulation on wall
Step 1 - Hang Insulation
Press cuphead pin through insulation
Step 2 - Press cuphead pin through insulation
Use Stud Welder to weld pin in place and complete the installation
Step 3 - Weld in place and install the washer to complete the installation