New Year, New Stud Welding Products

The Sunbelt Stud Welding family wants to wish you more than a happy new year — we actually want to make your year better with new and improved stud welding products. We are now mass-producing the Sunbelt Tubing Spacer and the Sunbelt Multi-Option Hanger to meet growing demands.

Developing New Stud Welding Accessories

stud welding products_SMO

SMO as simple cable hanger.

Decades of servicing the shipbuilding and oil & gas industries have taught us that corrosion and piping of different sizes can cause problems during implementation and maintenance of systems. To solve the costly issue of corrosion, we developed the Sunbelt Tubing Spacer (STS). With the help of Deepwater Corrosion Services, we designed a non-corrosive tubing spacer made out of UV-resistant, I-ROD thermoplastic. This rigid and durable material can withstand the intense demands of offshore climates while still offering enough flexibility to cushion the tubing. Moreover, the notched design works to ensure that any tubing diameter securely stays in place without any metal surface touching the pneumatic tubing.

Stud Welding products_ SMO tray

SMO as cable tray.

The STS can be coupled with the Sunbelt Multi-Option (SMO) Hanger to clamp tubes and pipes both vertically and horizontally. In addition to being used with the STS, the SMO can be utilized as a tray support for cabling and tubing or as a cable hanger that can manage tubing and cables of various diameters.

The Benefits of Sunbelt’s New Technology

Sunbelt designed these products to improve the lifespan of your piping and tubing systems. The STS virtually eliminates crevice corrosion, thereby reducing the probability of having to retrofit the system down the line. The STS’s companion, the Sunbelt multi-option (SMO) cable hanger, is designed to meet the design demands of petroleum and civil engineers. Spotting a constant complication, Sunbelt’s team designed this tapped cable hanger to hold cables of various diameters. The SMO can be used as a simple cable hanger, a tray support, and can be coupled with the STS to hold together piping and tubing; its versatility reduces the amount of cable hangers you need, thereby decreasing inventory and cutting costs.

Stud Welding products_SMO with STS

SMO with STS.

At Sunbelt Stud Welding, we aim to develop innovative and cost-effective engineering and fabrication solutions. We welcome the opportunity to partner with other companies to develop these stud welding products together. For more information, call our office at 713-939-8903.