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Sunbelt Stud Welding

IHA-170 Insulation Hanger Adhesive

Special Characteristics:

  • Non-Slip Formula - Immediate Grab
  • Performs in Temperatures up to 250°
  • Provides Excellent Water/Mildew Resistance


INSULATION HANGER ADHESIVE IHA-170 is a high-strength, heavy-bodied, neoprene rubber adhesive, specifically formulated for adhering anchors for hanging insulation. IHA-170 is also recommended for use as a general-purpose construction adhesive in applications requiring a high-strength bond or in applications subjected to high temperatures.


INSULATION HANGER ADHESIVE IHA-170 bonds metal and nylon anchors to metal, concrete or masonry surfaces. Also recommended for installing metal or ceramic wall fixtures in tile applications.

Surface Preparation:

Surfaces should be clean, dry and free of oil, grease, frost or any other foreign matter which will impair adhesion. Painted surfaces should be roughened. Clean all metal surfaces with 1,1,1 - Tricholoroethane, acetone or other degreaser, exercising safe practices as recommended by the manufacturer. Some protective coatings are not compatible with IHA-170; therefore, make a test bond before proceeding with application. Store adhesive at room temperature for at least 24 hours prior to use.


Do not apply at temperatures below 30°. Prepare and install one anchor at a time. Apply a dab (the size of a small walnut) of IHA-170 to the anchor base with a putty knife immediately (max. open time is 10 minutes) press anchor in place, with a slight twisting motion. For proper adhesion, insure that the film of adhesive covering the anchor base (after the anchor has been firmly pressed into place) is approximately 1/16" thick and protruding through the perforated base plate. Application will be dry within approximately 24 - 72 hours, depending on atmospheric conditions. Do not apply load until application is completely dry.


When installing metal or ceramic wall fixtures or tile, butter the back with IHA-170 and immediately press in place with a slight twisting motion. Allow to dry 24 - 72 hours before subjecting to use.


Approximately 500 - 1,000 anchors per gallon, depending on size.

Clean Up:

Clean tools and adhesive smears with Toloul, exercising safe practices as recommended by the manufacturer.

Physical Properties and Technical Information
Flash Point:
45°F (ASTM D 3278)
Water Resistance:
Dark Green
Mildew Resistance:
Will not support fungus growth
Heavy mastic. DO NOT THIN.
Application Temp:
30°F to 120°F
Solids Content:
33% + .3 lbs.
Service Temp:
-30°F to 250°F
Open Time:
Up to 10 minutes
Room temperature w/cross ventilation. OSHA Class 1B Liquid. Store as per 29 CFR 1910.106
Open Time:
Up to 10 minutes
Dry Time:
24 - 72 Hours
500 - 1000 Anchors per Gallon
Shelf Life:
Twelve (12) Months
Thermal Shock Resistance:
Photochemically Reactive
Flammability (wet stage):
Extremely Flammable
DOT: Adhesive, Flammable Liquid, UN 1133
OSHA Class 1B Liquid