Sunbelt Stud Welding Offers Wide Variety of Stud Welders

Sunbelt Stud Welding, a Houston stud welding manufacturer and distributor for over 35 years, has a wide variety of stud welders right for any size job. A stud welder is a machine, manufactured by Sunbelt Stud Welding, made to complete a one-step fastening process using fasteners called weld studs. Sunbelt offers four different kinds of stud welders – arc, inverter arc, capacitor discharge (CD) and production. Additionally, Sunbelt has rental stud welders.

Arc Stud Welders offered by Sunbelt

ARC-400, ARC-900, ARC-656, ARC-800, ARC-1200, ARC-1850, ARC-3000, ARC-500, ARC-800, ARC-1550

Inverter Arc Stud Welders

IT 1002, IT 2002, IT 3002, IT 50

Capacitor Discharge (CD) Stud Welders

CD 440, CD 660, CD880, CD 1320, CD 212, CD 212P, CD 312, CD 512, CD Table Top, CD-1000, CD-1501, CD-2301, CD-3101

Production Stud Welders

CNC automated bench welders range from a basic single-head, hand-loaded stationary bench welder to a more sophisticated fully automated, multi-head auto feed CNC Stud Welder. We can customize the design to meet your specifications.

For more information about products manufactured and distributed by Sunbelt Stud Welding, including the wide variety of stud welders, call 1-800-462-9353.