The History of Stud Welding

Sunbelt Stud Welding has long been committed to customer satisfaction as well as education. To that end, we present our latest blog post, an overview of the history of stud welding. Read on to discover how the process of stud welding has evolved over the years, and call us if you have any questions about stud welding products or services!

Early Beginnings

Stud welding is the process of securing a fastener to a metal work piece, and has been around in some form since the early 1900’s. While opinions differ on whether Andrew Foott-Stephens or Ted Nelson is the actual inventor of stud welding, the actual process of stud welding for the better part of the twentieth century involved using a light welder, a device to insert the stud into the tip of the weld head and to lift it up via magnetic coil.

Modern Technology

As the world became more industrialized, the technology has advanced, and now, there are two types of stud welding methods available – CD stud welding and Arc stud welding. CD stud welding can use automation technology in order to make the stud welding process easy and effective. It has been utilized by many different production agencies and across multiple industries, including bridge building, automotive industries, construction, and much more.

As an alternate option, Arc stud welding is generally used to weld large diameter fasteners to rougher and thicker base metals. There are hundreds of options for Arc studs available, but they must have one end of the fastener designed for Arc welding equipment.

Sunbelt Stud Welding is proud to have a long history of serving our customers for all their stud welding needs – we were founded in 1980 by Eric A. Ford, President and Founder, and since then, have been shipping the widest variety of excellent products around the world for our customers across industries. We are proud to be in the stud welding business, and consider it to be dynamic and fascinating.

Stud welding is a fascinating and ever-evolving process! If you have any questions about the history of stud welding, call Sunbelt Stud Welding today at 800-462-9353.