CNC Stud Welding Systems

At Sunbelt Stud Welding, customization is king. Our experienced staff can help you create the right CNC stud welding system for your needs. Below, we have listed some of our options:

Auto-Feed: Auto-feed add-ons are one of the most common improvements for stud welding systems. They drastically increase efficiency by giving operators a constant stream of properly loaded fasteners. This small accessory can drastically improve efficiency in your production line.

Multihead CNC stud welding system

Image of multiple heads on a table stud welding system.

Multi-head: If you are looking to increase productivity, adding heads to your system is an efficient way of doing it. Systems can be programmed to works multiple weld heads simultaneously. Moreover, systems can be set up to carry out different types of welds and using different types of fasteners at the same time.

These are fantastic if you would like a few people to use the same machine at the same time. CD, Arc, and Inverter options are available.

Robotic Arm: In addition to manually-operated heads, we can design a custom system that uses fully automated heads and/or robotic arms. These state-of-the-art arms have a wide range of motion and can be programmed to weld just about anything with the precision and quality required in today’s manufacturing world. These types of systems are ideal for manufacturing and production lines.

From single-head, manually operate systems, to fully-automated CNC stud welding systems with robotic arms, Sunbelt Stud Welding has got you covered. Follow us on Twitter @SunbeltStud to be the first to hear about new products.