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Stud Welding: What Is It?

Stud welding: What is it? You may have wondered this when hearing about the amazing amount of time and money that can be saved with stud welding equipment and fasteners.

This article will delve into the details of exactly what stud welding is and the different ways to weld stud.

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Fastening Systems

Fastening systems for stud welding are mainly broken into two categories.

Arc stud welding fastening systems

CD (capacitor discharge) stud welding fastening systems

The size and type of your project, as well as the type and thickness of metal you will be working with are all factors in determining whether an arc or a CD fastening system is best for the job you have to complete.

For mass production and or repetitive work, studs may be presented through an automatic feed to both portable and fixed guns. Stud welding equipment has a control unit to aid in proper weld timing, contact making and power breaking from the source during sequential operations.

The control unit can be separate or its functionality may be included in the power source casing. Each job will have settings to be pre-selected appropriate to the work at hand.

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Arc Fastening System

As you read below about the Arc fastening process, be sure to keep in mind that this all happens in only one second of time per weld. It is quite impressive.

The arc stud welding process involves one stud that is gripped in the welding gun. The welding gun is then positioned against the work piece.

Arc stud welding provides an automatic welding cycle. Once the start mode is triggered, the automatic welding begins.

An arc between the stud end and the work piece occurs when the stud is lifted up off of the work surface. Heat is produced during this process. When the cycle times out, the current is interrupted and the stud is pressed against the work piece, completing the weld.

Ceramic Ferrules Used in Arc Stud Welding

A portion of the molten material on both surfaces intermixes. The excess is expelled into a ceramic ferrule as flash. Ceramic ferrules are each only used once. After a weld is complete, they are broken, removed and discarded.

Ceramic ferrules vent gases and form the expelled flash from the joint into a corresponding shape. They protect from heat surrounding materials when necessary and concentrate the arc.

To de-oxidize the weld metal and stabilize the arc, gas shield or solid aluminum flux (washers or pins) are used. Inert gas shielding may be needed with aluminum studs, however flux is not used.

Arc Power Sources

Power sources can be of two separate types. Regular arc stud welding uses a DC (direct current) power supply with high open circuit voltage and constant current output with drooping characteristics.

CD (Capacitor Discharge) Fastening System

CD stud welding is the preferable choice for smaller studs that are welded to thin work pieces or metals. CD stud welding keeps the backside finish from being damaged. This includes plating, paint polish, or any coating that should not be marred.

As with Arc stud welding, CD stud welding uses an initial gap, is based on initial contact or on the drawn arc. CD weld time is only a fraction of a second, compared to Arc weld time being one second.

Higher currents are utilized with CD fastening, but the flow times are much shorter. The CD duty cycle is slower than the arc duty cycle, but the power grid will reflect dramatic load peaks.

CD stud welding with stainless steel or carbon steel is connected to negative polarity, while aluminum CD stud welding involves positive polarity.

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