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Sunbelt Stud Welding
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Stud Welding Machines: Arc and CD

Sunbelt Stud Welding carries all types of stud welders and supplies, including stud welding power systems and welding guns. Our experience in the field has given us the technical knowledge needed to determine the best stud welding machines for your application.

Types of Stud Welders

At Sunbelt we carry own lines of stud welding units, along with select units from other manufacturers. There are different types of fastening processes for specific applications. Below is a short description of the different stud welding processes and some of the units we carry.

Arc Stud Welding Machines: These units are used to weld larger fasteners to thicker work metals. Durning the welding process the welding gun channels an arc of current from the power unit through the stud. A ceramic ferrule is used to concentrate the heat from the welding gun onto the joint to be welded. The tip of the stud and a respective piece of the work metal are melted by the extreme heat of the current. The stud is then pushed into the work metal. A strong weld is made in less than a second when the weld stud cools and solidifies.

CD Stud Welding Units: CD stands for capacitor discharge. These machines use a direct-current from a capacitor, enabling a shorter weld time. A CD welding process is generally used when welding small studs to thin work pieces. Unlike Arc stud welding, no flux is required.

We carry a variety of portable drawn arc and short cycle stud welding machines, like the LBH 910 and 410, along with inverter stud welding units. Our line of high-grade portable CD stud welders – LBS 44, 75, 90, and 130 – can be customized to suite various applications including automated production.

For quality stud welding machines and stud welder units, contact Sunbelt at 713-939-8903 with any questions about our products or to request a full catalog.

Arc Stud Welder
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