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Sign Industry: Aluminum Stud Welding to Thin Base Material

Stud welding equipment is an excellent tool for the sign industry. This article will further describe the benefits received by companies using capacitor discharge equipment for signs.

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In addition to CD (Capacitor Discharge) equipment, Sunbelt also provides Arc welding equipment, a huge variety of fasteners, both standard and custom and insulation products such as weld pins, insulation anchors, washers, caps, nuts, rings, insulation hangers and more.

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Capacitor Discharge Stud Welding for Signs

One of the benefits of using the latest technology in CD equipment, such as is provided by Sunbelt Stud Welding, is the ability to use welding technology to fasten to extremely thin materials without burn through.

This is particularly useful in the sign industry where appearance is actually very important.

Manufacturers that do not utilize CD stud welding must drill and tap holes. This was a common practice in the past and is much more expensive and time consuming for companies that are not utilizing the latest technologies.

Aluminum is a common metal used for signs, but it is a very soft metal. Because of this, it is particularly easy and common for threads in aluminum to become stripped. Stripped threads are often not repairable and create additional work and lower quality results than are achieved through capacitor discharge fastening equipment.

No Damage to Thin Materials Using CD Stud Welding

Capacitor discharge fastening system equipment provided by Sunbelt Stud Welding can fasten to specific parts of metal signs or other base materials as thin .060 in thickness.

Stud sizes ranging from #6 to ¼ inch diameter are successfully fastened to this very thin base metal without creating any dimpling effect or burn through marks.

The strength of the base material also remains completely intact so that both strength and cosmetic appearance are at the highest standard levels.

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