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Considerations When Purchasing a Stud Welding Unit

There are several factors that go into buying a stud welding power supply unit and weld gun. This type of equipment is not only rather expensive, but it can also make or break your product. Below we have information that should guide your selection of a stud welder. If you are not very familiar with stud welding equipment or simply have a few questions, we encourage you to give us a call at 1-800-462-9353 or 713-939-8903.

What Do I Need My Stud Fastener To Do?

The application will naturally determine what type of stud welding unit you should get. Capacitor discharge (CD) stud welders are used to weld small studs to metals as thin as .02 inches whereas Arc welders fasten wider studs to thicker metals (as thin as .048 inches). If you are only choosing one type of stud welder, you will need to really analyze what types of materials you weld most frequently.

If you are looking for a fast, repetitive weld, you need to look for a stud welding unit with automatic settings. If your work could benefit from automatic procedures but you still like the autonomy of manual settings, you should look for a unit with optional automatic settings; most modern stud welding units have these options.

Onsite or Jobsite?

Stud welding is provided as a service or is an integral part of the manufacturing process. Generally, if you are in installing studs or working on a larger manufacturing project, you will need to go directly to the job site and work there. In these circumstances, a portable, yet powerful, stud welding machine is perfect.

For things such as large-scale assembly and manufacturing, one may prefer a powerful, stationary stud fastener. Sunbelt Stud Welding can manufacture and program stud welders specifically made for your application. We have fully automated, robotic arm CNC stud welding units that can improve weld quality and productivity in your factory.

How Much Power Do You Need For Stud Welding?

Probably the most important consideration is how much power you need for your stud welding jobs. In CD fasteners, you need to look at the capacitance charge, which is measured in mfd. On the other hand, consider the welding current (measured in amperes) when shopping for Arc stud welders. The larger the capacitance charge and the welding current in CD and Arc welders, respectively, the more powerful the unit; the more powerful the unit, the more welds you can complete in a minute.

For more questions about Sunbelt's line of stud welders, please call our office at 1-800-462-9353.

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