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New Arc Stud Welders

A global leader in stud welding equipment, Sunbelt Stud Welding, is introducing two new compact stud welding systems for drawn arc and short cycle stud welding. Our portable welding machines are perfect for both the shop and field work! Call our toll free line - 1-800-462-9353 - or our Houston location 713-939-8903 to speak with a specialist about our stud welders.

Arc Stud Welders

Arc stud welding is generally used to weld thicker-diameter fasteners to more porous base metals. A controlled electrical arc is released from the welder, thereby melting the tip of the fastener and portion of the base metal. The fastener is pushed into the work surface, thus creating a high-quality, cross-sectional weld in seconds.

New Arc Welders - the LBH 410, LBH 910 and PRO-D Arc 1200

Our light, compact Arc welders are portable, sturdy and reliable. Despite being small and light weight, both these Arc stud welder systems consistently provide quality, high-power welds. Their metal casings protect these portable welding machines from being damaged during transport. Both the LBH 410 and the LBH 910 can weld aluminum, alloyed and unalloyed steel, stainless steel, and weldable alloy studs. Welding time is shown on a digital display and all key functions are shown and adjusted via an LED system, allowing for precise readings. Moreover, welding times are continuously adjustable, allowing you to control the strength and degree of your welds.

LBH 410 - This Arc stud welder weighs in at 60 lbs. and measures 8x16x10". Welding time runs between 40 and 350 milliseconds. This portable welding machine can weld studs of 12 GA to 5/16" in diameter. Welding up to 25 studs per minute, the LBH 410 makes those tough stud welding jobs a breeze.

LBH 910 - This portable welding machine can handle slightly larger arc studs, ranging from 12 GA to 1/2". The LBH 910 also has a broader welding time range than the LBH 410: welding time is continuously adjustable from 5 to 950 milliseconds. At 82 lbs. and with the dimensions of 11x18.5x10", this powerful Arc stud welder can be used both at the shop and on site.

PRO-D Arc 1200 - This is one of our most high-powered and reliable welding systems. Welding current is continuously adjustable, allowing for a wide range of welds. All functions and parameters are shown on a large display; the contrast is adjustable so that the display is clear no matter the weather. For exact measurements and adjustments, all functions and parameters are controlled by a microprocessor. For guaranteed stability, the PRO-D Arc 1200 also locks, and can be accessed by a pin code, so that only approved people can adjust the parameters. In case of excess temperature and phase failure, this Arc stud welding system with automatically shut off. One can accessorize this welding system with a PRO-SPLIT adapter box, which enables the simultaneous operation of 4 stud welding guns with different welding currents. The biggest advantage of this Arc stud welder is the highly detailed welding parameter read outs it generates. The PRO-D Arc 1200 records and documents welding currents, welding times, welding energy, arc voltage for each weld, and stud travel information for each weld. Furthermore, this Arc welder will compare the recorded parameters to the parameters of a reference weld and will display a warning or lock the system if the variances are too great. This welding equipment will store the last 10 parameter sets so that you can easily recreate a weld. Sunbelt Stud Welding carries an entire updated line of PRO-D arc welders, so feel free to contact us for more information.

These new portable welding machines are the solution to your Arc stud welding problems. Sunbelt Stud Welding can provide you with arc studs and arc welders in every corner of the globe. Call our toll free international line - 1-800-462-9353 - or our Houston office - 713-939-8903 - to speak with a specialist about our inventory.

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