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Sunbelt Stud Welding
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Automating your Welding Stud Fastening System

So you have a reliable stud welding unit that you want to take to the next level. Fortunately you can easily add accessories to your power supply to give it more automated functionality. Here are a few ways you can make a portable stud fastening system into a production welder.

Auto Feed Systems

Auto-feed systems allow for studs to be automatically fed to the weld gun, drastically cutting down on load time. This is one of the easiest additions to any stud welding system; the sorter is attached directly to the stud welding gun via a hose, allowing for fast and accurate stud loading.

Robotic Arms

For extreme precision and fast welding time, welders add robotic arms to their system. Robotic arms can be attached to both tabletop and bench units and can generally use the existing stud welding power unit.

Although easy to install, robotic arms require someone who can properly program them. These systems can be programmed for a variety applications and weld studs with unparalleled efficiency and accuracy. The added flexibility and range of motion of robotic arms open up a world of possibilities for manufacturers and can cut labor costs drastically.

Multiple Heads

Multi-tasking requires multiple stud welding gun heads. Having several weld heads allows for faster turn around times because one system can be welding several studs at the same time.

When coupled with auto-feed systems and robotic arms, multiple head welders are able to complete projects within a fraction of the time that a single head welding unit.

Call Sunbelt Stud Welding at 713-939-8903 to learn more about how you can automate your existing fastening system.

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