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8 Essential Arc Welding Accessories for Production Welders Safety

Arc welding is a safe process when production welders take adequate care to avoid potential hazards while operating welding equipment. Some major hazards welders can encounter include: exposure to radiation, fumes, noise, sparks, and electric shock. The good news is that safe welding practices can keep many of these dangerous occurrences at bay.

Protective Clothing

Burns are the most common injuries sustained by welders, so the importance of protective clothing cannot be overemphasized. Wear protective clothing to shield against sparks from arcs and ultra-violet radiation. Wool clothing is recommended, because of its resistance to fire.


Protecting your eyes while wielding is not a luxury, it's a necessity. Even the slightest exposure to UV rays may cause eye burn, commonly known as "welder's flash." Goggles and safety glasses help shield the eyes from infrared radiation, sparks, arc rays, or other potential hazards.


One of the most essential arc welding accessories is a dependable helmet, as it protects the head from impact. Flexibility is essential when shopping for protective head gear. Make sure you pick a hat that allows for attachments with other protective gear.

Respiratory Protection

Breathing protection is an invaluable item in a production welder's tool box. It can be as simple as a disposable facemask or as sophisticated as a self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA). No matter your choice, breathing protection can add a sigh of relief to your welding project.

Ear Protection

Welding sites are typically noisy and ear protection is an essential safety tool. Examples of ear protection accessories are ear muffs, ear plugs, and electronic headphones. In addition to protection from hearing loss, ear muffs also help keep sparks from entering your ears.


Work gloves are among the most overlooked arc welding accessories. Hand protection is just as important as eye and ear protection when it comes to dealing with metal. Wear dry, flame-resistant gloves to protect your hands from fire, cuts, and electric shock.


Body protection is not complete without footwear. Leather high-tops with steel toes are recommended when working with stud welding equipment. Be sure to wear your pants outside your work shoes, as opposed to tucked in. This simple step may help protect your feet from serious burns.

First Aid Kit

No matter how careful you plan, a welding process can go wrong for many reasons beyond human control. For such events, a first aid kit should always be within close range.

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