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Sunbelt Stud Welding
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Arc Stud Welding for Deck Grating

Deck Grating Clips

Deck grating clips are also called saddles. These are used to hold metal and fiberglass grating in place with the use of an Arc Weld Stud, using Arc Stud Welding equipment.

Deck grating clips are typically utilized in partnership with a ¼-20 x 1" or longer threaded Arc Weld Stud. These saddles or deck grating clips fit over two sides of the grating and are fastened with a lock washer and hex nut.

This stud welding method can be completed with deck grating in place by using a long ferrule grip, which allows the stud to be shot in an area of limited space. However, if placement is known, these weld studs can be shot prior to the grating being set.

Weld Stud Benefits

Weld studs and grating clips are far less expensive than drilling and tapping or using beam clamps that will eventually vibrate loose.

Both the weld studs and the grating clips come in a variety of materials. Needs for weld studs and grating clips are often based on location such as offshore or inland. However, 316 stainless steel is generally the preferred material for any marine application.

We are always ready to assist you achieve the maximum cost savings for every job, while ensuring a superior product for strength, safety and quality control.

For more than 30 years, Sunbelt has been providing top quality service to companies and projects all across the globe and is always ready with a large in-stock supply of fasteners for stud welding, as well as Arc and CD equipment to meet all of your needs.

Give Sunbelt a call at 1-800-462-9353 today to discuss Arc Weld Studs fasteners for deck grating or any other stud welding questions.

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